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Frequently asked questions

1) What age range are your parties structured for?


We mainly provide our service to children aged 3-7 years old. But we can do older. We are adaptable. Please call for any more details on this subject.


2) How many children is best at a party?


10-30 is a good size but this does depend on the size of the venue that you intend on using for your event.


3) When should we book for the event?


Ideally as soon as possible! I book up very quickly.


4) Where is best to have the party take place?


Any appropriate-sized space such as a community centre or village hall would be appropriate.


5) Should the party be outside?


Unfortunately, this is not recommended; this is due to the heat and possible rain. Also, the children often get easily distracted from wildlife and outside noises.


6) Do you have the appropriate insurance?


Yes, We are Equity members with Public Liability Insurance of up to £5 million.


7) Do you produce a rabbit out of a hat?


I do not use live animals in my show but I do use puppetry to bring animals to life.


8) Will I need to provide you with any equipment?


No, thank you, I’ll bring everything necessary to keep everyone entertained.


9) Where do you travel to?


We perform at parties and events across Lincolnshire. We are Lincoln-based but go far and wide to provide our service.

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