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Top 8 Tips for Event Planning

Step 1
Choose your event style.
Is your event going to be a pirate-themed birthday party or will it be a formal christening to celebrate the life of a child?
Ask yourself exactly what the event is that you're planning and how you want the people to feel at your event.

Step 2
Could there be a joint birthday party or celebration?
Does your child and a friend have their birthday fairly close together and could be celebrated on the same day? Or is there a birthday coming up near to the time of a christening? Perhaps these two events could be combined. 

Step 3
Decide on numbers.
Will your event be a large gathering of more then 20 people or will it be a more personal gathering of only 6 or 7 people? Establish this early so you can decide whether it is logical to book an entertainer or hire a venue, like a village/church/community hall.

Step 4
Hire a venue.
If you do decide to hire a venue, indoors is always advisable. The weather is unpredictable and could change during your event. This is especially advisable if it is fancy dress, as fancy dress and very cold or very hot weather don’t mix! Book soon because the good venues are booked up early.
Also research if there will be sufficient parking at your location.
Step 5
Hire an entertainer.
If you do decide to hire an entertainer to try and relieve some of the event entertainment stress then, like with a venue, hire one early because the good ones book up early. Ask friends and family for any recommendations or look on google for a performer that will suit your needs.
Step 6
Choose appropriate music.
This will help create the great atmosphere and get everyone into the party mood. Bring an extension lead to the venue for your sound system.

Step 7

Think Poundshop.

The Poundshop is a great shop to buy all the decorations for the event's theme and pieces needed for the party games.


Step 8

Think about food.

How much food would you need for your event? Look at the numbers coming. If you strategically have your event 2pm-4pm then people will not be expecting a lunch or dinner to be provided at your event.



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